By following these five steps, you can boost your local presence management on Google by appealing to the local algorithm and aiding your business in ranking higher in search results. Remember, consistency is key.

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  1. Look out for suggested updates by Google
  2. Keep up on posts for your Google Business Profile
  3. Monitor messages & quotes
  4. Post photos
  5. Reply to reviews
  6. Bottom Line

1. Look out for suggested updates by Google

Google frequently reviews all Google Business Profile (GBP) accounts, formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), searching for incorrect or outdated information. If something is wrong with your Google account or hasn’t been updated in a while, Google will produce suggestions.

Any information across Google for your business will be monitored, meaning you may receive updates for GBP, Maps, or any other Google platform. However, these updates will not be visible until you accept them manually by going into your GBP account.

If Google suggests an update, it is likely because they are trying to help you. You can increase your local ranking and business presence on Google by accepting these changes.

To access your updates

  1. Simply log into your GBP and select “info.” From there, you will see a list of updates next to your current business information. If you have updates, you’ll receive a notification at the top of your screen.

  2. What types of updates are there?

  3. Edit your update

  4. Accept all updates with one button

  5. Accept individual updates one by one

  6. Discard/replace your updates

What do Google Business Profile updates look like?

You’ll notice three different types of updates on your profile if applicable.

  • Orange: New, suggested updates by Google 
  • Orange (strikethrough): Information that Google thinks should be removed
  • Gray: Data replaced by Google. (New data shows in orange.)
  • Black or white: No updates

Source: Google Business Profile Help – How to manage Google updates to your Business Profile

Why is my edit or update pending?

If you choose to edit an update or make changes to your Business Profile, Google goes through a review process to ensure that the edits are correct. This process usually takes up to 48 hours, and modifications will be accepted, pending, or unaccepted.

Source: Google Business Profile Help – Understand what happens to your Business Profile Edits

2. Keep up on posts for your Google Business Profile

Posts are a great way for businesses to incorporate keywords quickly and efficiently. Since posts are only visible for seven days, you have the opportunity to select choice keywords and phrases for new products, services, promotions, deals, or limited-time offers. Then, jumpstart your search engine optimization through posts to increase your presence and awareness on Google to customers.

A good practice is to create a post at least 1x a week, so there is always at least one post visible on your “knowledge panel.” Don’t worry, though- your posts won’t disappear from the public eye after that week altogether. When someone clicks on your post, they will be able to scroll and view all of your previous posts as well.

Additional info: Google Business Profile Help – How to make a post & track its status for your Business Profile

3. Monitor messages & quotes

You can set up direct messaging on your Google Business Profile listing by logging into your Business Profile and following the step-by-step prompts under “Messages.” Setting up quotes works in the same way.

Google utilizes business profile messaging as a way to determine trust and reliability. Because of this, they will track how long it takes you to reply to messages. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, Google can deactivate your messaging button.

In addition, Google rewards you for being a quick responder by letting customers know the average response time. Customers are more likely to engage with your messaging feature if Google tells them you only take minutes or hours to respond.

The more trusted and considered reliable, the faster your local presence will increase.
Ensure you respond quickly with Google’s “My Business” app
Download the “My Business” app on your mobile device and log into your Business Profile to access and turn on push notifications for messages; that way, you never miss one.

Source: Google Business Profile Help – How to read & reply to messages from your Business Profile

4. Post photos

Photos are an excellent way for Google and customers to see that you are trustworthy and reliable. Building your presence on Google takes people to understand what your company and brand are all about- and getting a visual of your product, service, store/shop is one of the main components of this.

Post photos regularly and do not use stock photos (which are against Google’s policy). Businesses that frequently posted photos received more “directions” requests than those with none. Profiles, in general, will get more engagement with more pictures.

RiZen Metrics 8 Tips for Adding Photos to Your Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile HelpManage photos or videos for your Business Profile

5. Reply to reviews

Replying to good and bad reviews helps show customers that you care about their feedback and are active online, fostering trust. Manage reviews as they come or every week to ensure that everyone is responded to promptly.

RiZen Metrics – Why Does Responding to Business Reviews Matter?
Google for Small Business How to Reply to Both Positive & Negative Reviews

Bottom line

There isn’t “one way” to boost your local presence on Google quickly. However, by trying these five options, you can build trust, consistency, and reliability with both Google and customers to increase ranking and prominence on the search engine.

RiZen Metrics is a full-service digital marketing agency in Scranton, PA that has a team of trained and experienced employees who can help you manage your Google Business Profile. If you’re looking to speak further about opportunities for local visibility, growth, and increased revenue for your business with a GBP, contact us today.