How to Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media

With algorithm changes, social media platform updates, and a constantly evolving social environment, it can be hard for your company to nail its social media game. Luckily, with research on algorithms, market research, quality standards, brand consistency, and harnessing the power of social, you can increase brand awareness on social media starting today.

Read more to find out how you can boost your visibility on social media starting today!

1. Know Your Audience (Market Research, Target Personas, Strategy)

The first step to increase brand awareness on social media is to know your audience. Who views your posts? Is it your ideal target audience? A brand must deep dive into market research, develop target personas, and really understand their customer in order to connect with them online. Even knowing color schemes, interests, and slang can boost your social presence tremendously.

Resources to help you get to know your audience better:

2. Get to Know the Social Media Algorithm by Platform

  • Facebook

    • Aims to show posts that are relevant and meaningful
    • Friends, Families, Local Businesses, and Individuals are more likely to be shown
    • Posts with more engagement will be prioritized and show up more often
    • You can encourage users to add your page as one of their favorites, which prioritizes your content
    • Be truthful and avoid clickbait
    • Engage with your audience (respond to comments, reposts, etc)
  • YouTube

    • Optimized for “viewer satisfaction
    • YouTube pays attention to when users click “not interested” on video suggestions
    • High click through rate (CTR)
    • Prioritizes videos with longer watch times
    • Gives recommendations based on what the viewer has watched in the past
    • Takes into account demographic information such as age and location
    • Spread awareness on other social platforms
    • Encourage viewers to subscribe
    • Promote videos by partnering with influencers
    • Stay consistent and stick to your niche
    • Create appealing thumbnails, it’s a viewer’s first impression!
  • TikTok

    • Feed is based on user interactions
    • Higher video completion rate (VCR) boosts visibility
    • Takes into account any interest showed in ads
    • Prioritizes content with ample user accessibility
      • Captions
      • Voice recordings
      • Hashtags
      • Trending topics
    • Shows videos based on user settings
      • Language
      • Country/Location
      • Interests
      • Device
    • Find your niche and stick with it
    • Go TikTok Pro
    • Use trends to your advantage
    • Write engaging captions
    • Ensure videos are high quality
    • Look at posting time for your target audience (maybe 7am is too early?)
    • Engage, engage, engage!
  • Instagram

    • Prioritizing reels, or short videos over photos
    • Prioritizes photos and reels with more likes, comments, and shares
    • Takes into account the caption
    • Looks for quality, user-generated content
    • Shows users the “Explore” page to discover new accounts
      • Find your niche
      • Promote engagement
      • Make reels
      • Interact
    • Post stories
    • Encourage users to follow and turn on post notifications
    • High-quality photos

3. Keep Your Brand Consistent

Ensuring that your brand (colors, logo, voice/tone) stays consistent is critical for keeping users engaged and satisfying the social media algorithms. If the majority are poor quality, having a few good quality photos won’t help you. Ask yourself if it matches your brand, and consider writing brand guidelines to help increase brand awareness on social media.

4. Focus on Quality, but Remember Quantity

Quality is the number one scoring metric of all social media algorithms, so make sure to focus on the quality of your posts. Avoid AI-generated content and write for your audience first, always. However, quantity is also a large way to boost your brand on social. Consider keeping up with a consistent posting strategy, so you’re front news to the right audience every time.

5. Engage & Start the Conversation

To keep your audience interested in the information you have to share and also to boost your favor with the social algorithms, it’s important to engage with comments, followers, industry leaders, and those who are in your same niche. Consider hopping on a hashtag that’s relevant to your brand and interacting with a few of the posts- maybe even follow some accounts!

Post stories that engage and delight, or even humor your followers. Get them excited about what you have to offer!

7. Create Sharable Content

Create content that’s meant to be shared, and watch your numbers grow.

8. Repurpose Existing Content

Take content from your website or other social media platforms and repurpose it into an infographic, poll, survey, statistic, image, or short snippet. Don’t let your hard work go to waste!

9. Utilize Hashtags

Connect with those in your industry niche by using hashtags and helping the algorithms understand how to prioritize your content.

10. Create a Social Strategy

Take all of the information you’ve learned in this post, and create a social strategy for your brand!

  • How many times a week will you post?
  • What time of day will you post?
  • What social platforms will you use?
  • What type of content will you post?

… and stick to it! Consistency is key when it comes to branding.

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