In the “Age of Information”, it’s essential for your business to stay informed on current trends regarding Internet usage.

Technology, and particularly, the Internet, has quickly become an invaluable resource in the realm of business. In 2019, roughly 3.2 billion people used smartphones, which goes to show just how widespread technology is in our world today.

Changing Internet Climate

With the recent rise of popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) platforms, such as Google My Business and SEMrush, as well as the economical climate shift with the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining a smaller business can be quite the challenge.

Importance of Small Business Websites

This is exactly why SMB, or small or medium business, websites are absolutely essential to the prosperity of your business. Making your site as up-to-date and accurate as possible has a massive impact on your business’s success.

In a recent survey conducted by BrightLocal , 500 consumers were asked to compare their experiences using Google My Business and SMB websites. The results? An overwhelming 56% of consumers said that they trust local business websites to have more reliable contact information than Google My Business or other competing online business directories.

Consistent and Reliable Information = Happy Customers

So, what does this mean? It means that customers depend on you to maintain a reliable website, regularly updated with contact information and service hours.

In the same survey, consumers said that when browsing websites, out-of-date contact information, incorrect pricing, and typos are the biggest factors that make them less likely to use a local business. Accuracy matters!

How COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Small Businesses

According to Cisco , a leading company in technological studies and manufacturing, the coronavirus pandemic has created a surge in the digitalization of SMBs in the Asia Pacific area. 69% of SMBs in the area have made advances by investing in digital media and IT, resulting in an average 50% increase in revenue. On an even larger scale, it’s anticipated that Asia Pacific will add up to US$3.1 trillion to their GDP by 2024.

Maintaining your business during the pandemic can surely be a challenge, especially when customers have high expectations for the quality of your digital representation. However, when you partner with us at Rizen Metrics, you’re putting your business in good hands.

Website Development in Scranton, PA

One of the many services we offer is website development, which is the perfect solution to the problem of keeping up with current trends in our current climate.

When we build your website, we do it with care and style!

We prioritize the simplicity of the website’s interface to make updates a breeze. This way, adding or changing hours of operation, contact information, and available products become as easy as a few clicks of a button. No hassle for you, no hassle for customers.

After development, we offer one-on-one training to solidify your knowledge and proficiency using your website. Beyond the technical features of your site, we employ an artistic approach to the aesthetic qualities of the design, making your website equally informative and exciting. Stand out as unique by having Rizen Metrics design your SMB website!

Adaptation and resilience are essential to the success of any business, so it is important to notice and act upon the current trends and challenges of our economic climate. Using technology as efficiently as possible, especially in light of the current pandemic, is key to your business’ prosperity.

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