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Internet Marketing for Contractors, Construction Companies, Roofers, Remodelers, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, and Suppliers

Let us collaborate with you to generate more leads and lock in more sales. With the contracting industry specifically in mind, RiZen Metrics uses a combination of market research, experience, data, and creativity to craft your marketing plan.

Increase Calls and Qualified Leads

Homeowners historically have reached out via paper directories such as YellowPages to find qualified contractors to meet their repair, remodel, and maintenance needs. In the age of technology, diving into digital marketing has never been more important.

Let us do the work when it comes to market research and fine-tuning your strategy, so you can get back to answering your phone and meeting customers’ needs. We’ll help increase your visibility online so that your business shows up to locals using SEO, Google Ads, website design, content marketing, and social media marketing.


Digital marketing is the most cost effective way to reach large, tailored audiences when compared to traditional marketing efforts. Consumers no longer need to open up a book and flip to the correct section in order to find your business. They utilize social proofing, directories, brand awareness, and helpful information to help make their decisions and find businesses. Get savvy with search starting today.

6 Contractor Digital Marketing Tips

1. Brand Awareness

Back before digital marketing was as prominent, business cards and more traditional modes of advertising were the way to go. Think about the purpose of your business card: to provide your contact information to those in an easy, sharable way.

One way of translating this online is to ensure that your business contact information is readily available across your website, advertisements, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. 

🏗️ RiZen Metrics is a full-service Contracting digital marketing agency that can assist you with improving brand awareness to drive customer leads. 

2. Before & After Photos

One way of instilling trust in consumers is by showing them the proof. Ensure your company is taking before and after photos of jobsites, projects, repairs, and remodels. Showing the before and after in a side-by-side photo provides great perspective in the quality of your craftsmanship.

3. Ask for Reviews

According to multiple surveys, reviews are a prominent way of recommending businesses to users. Instead of asking friends and family for a recommendation, consumers are now taking to the internet to do the research themselves. Make sure to ask for reviews from your customers and respond to them as well. This will boost your signals with search engines as a trust factor, improving your ranking and visibility online.

🚧 RiZen Metrics can assist your contracting company with responding to and optimizing reviews.

4. Write Original, Helpful Content

We live in a time where information is available at our fingertips. Homeowners may search on Google for a home remodel contractor, or how to renovate something themselves. Whatever the query may be, stay ahead of the competition by writing original, helpful content for your customers. Think about questions you’re asked frequently, and think of new and innovative ways to educate your customers while driving traffic to your website and social media profiles.

👷 RiZen Metrics has a team of industry experts than can assist you in writing content tailored directly to your audience.

5. Post Videos

Branded video content is a great way to introduce viewers to your company and the services you have to offer. When it comes to being a face to face business, we get the importance of providing social proof to customers. Video marketing allows you to add that extra touch of personalization, all while providing helpful information. Create video content that gets across one solid idea, and make sure to keep it short. Generate leads with your videos by including a specific call to action.

You can use videos to:

  • Demonstrate experience and expertise
  • Show projects from start to finish
  • Provide information to attract new customers
  • Showcase your previous work
  • Introduce yourself and your team

We can help you create new and informative videos for your business so that you stay ahead of the competition. 

6. Social Sharing & Interaction

Create sharable posts on social media that encourage customers and new potential customers to interact online. Start conversations and provide educational content with value. Interact with customers on social media to instill trust and show your name as an active and prominent figure in your industry and community.

RiZen Metrics can assist your contracting company with creating sharable and informational social posts.

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Supplier Digital Marketing

RiZen Metrics can assist your contracting or construction company in creating a strategy that makes sense for your goals. Using website design, development, PPC/Google Ads, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and Google Business Profile optimization, we’ll guarantee an improvement in your visibility and an increase in leads.

Interested in learning more? Let’s talk strategy.