Google My Business app will be replaced in July 2022 with Google Maps & Search 

At the end of 2021, Google announced that it is replacing the commonly known “Google My Business” with “Google Business Profile” (GBP), an updated way for local businesses to manage their local listing. On April 4th, 2022, Google announced that the “Google My Business” app was going away. Instead, users can now manage their GBP profile through the Google Maps and Google Search apps. On May 25th, 2022, Google finally released that the app will be replaced by July of 2022.

As Google continues to make changes to Google Business Profile and how business owners and managers run their companies on the search engine, one thing is clear: improvements are continually being made. Although the GMB app and Google Business Profile manager website are changing rapidly, users are still easily able to access business information and make necessary changes and updates.

Topics discussed in this article:

When will the Google My Business app go away?

Update: On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, Google Business Profile released that as of July 2022, the Google My Business App will no longer be available.

Google My Business app vs. Google Maps & Search apps

Google clarifies that there will be some key differences between platforms, although it does not provide insight into the exact changes. In Maps & Search, users can take 3 critical actions with their Google Business Profile:

  • Edit your profile information
  • Promote your business with posts and photos
  • Connect with customers by responding to reviews and questions

Download Google Maps app

To access your Google Business account on Google Maps, download the “Google Maps” app on your Apple or Android device.

Find the link to download Google Maps on Apple App Store HERE.

Find the link to download Google Maps on Google Play (Android) HERE.

How to access your Google Business Profile on Google Search

To access your Google Business account on Google Search, you have two options: mobile device or desktop. Simply download the “Google” search app via your app store for those using a mobile device. For android users, this may be on your device by default.

Option 1: Search your business name

If you’ve claimed and have access to your GBP, you can search your business name to see your local listing. On your desktop, this will pop up to the right of the search results. For app users, this will be the first thing in results. You will see a message below your business name saying “You manage this profile.” From the search, you can make adjustments to your information.

Option 2: Search “my business” in the search bar

The same rules apply to option 2 as option 1. Simply type in “my business,” and if you’ve claimed your listing, it will pop up in the search results.

How to access your Google Business Profile on Google Maps

On the Google Maps app, you have two options for accessing your account.

Option 1: Search your business name

In the map section, as if you were going to type in an address to get directions, search your business name.

Option 2: Access GBP through your Account Menu

To the top right of your screen, you will see your profile account button. If you click on this, a list of menu options will show. Click on the option that says “Your Business Profile” to access your account.

Access your GBP through the Business Profile Manager

If you opt to manage your account on your computer, you can still make changes using the Business Profile Manager website: You are also able to access managing your GBP on Google Search through the Google Business Profile Manager.

Google announced in early 2022 that as platforms for Google Business Profile switch over to Google Search and Maps, Google Profile Manager will only be available to organizational accounts or those who manage businesses in bulk.

Watch a video on how to manage your Google Business account

Google created a YouTube video so you can easily see how to navigate these new changes.

Now that you’re prepared to manage your Google Business Profile through search, maps, or the Google Business Profile website, it’s time to optimize your GBP for search engine optimization (SEO). RiZen Metrics created an all-inclusive article for How to Use Keywords in Your Google Business Profile in 2022, so you can increase your visibility and continually gain more traffic and leads.

Why can’t I see or access my Google Business account?

If you’ve read this article and you’re still having issues accessing your account, take a look at these common troubleshooting solutions:

  • You haven’t claimed your business profile yet. You can claim it by searching for your business name and clicking “Own this business?” under where the phone number is listed. It will lead you to the business profile website, where you can follow the steps to verify you are the owner.
  • You haven’t created a business profile yet. You can create one on the website,
  • Ensure the email address associated with the owner or manager of the GBP account is the same one that’s presently logged in. Then, click on your profile in the upper right corner of the search or maps to double-check that you’re logged in under the correct email.

Still need help or have questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Google My Business app being replaced in 2022, Google support is available. They are currently running on limited staffing, but it is still possible to contact them on their website. You can access their contact page HERE. The average response time is usually within 24 to 48 hours.

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