NEWS: Google Search Central announced via Twitter on Monday, August 1st that Google Search Console will be migrating properties to updated index classification by August 14th, 2022. Task validation for indexing issues is disabled until properties are migrated. The original news released on June 15th in a tweet aims to focus on allowing better work prioritization.

Tweets by Google Search Central

What’s Changing in Google Search Console? August 2022

  • No more “Valid with Warnings” filter for Coverage Reporting
  • Addition of the “Why items are invalid” section for invalid items used to generate rich results on Google
  • Addition of “Improve item appearance” section for items that are valid but could be better optimized for improved search visibility
  • No more “Status” reporting column
  • More descriptive explanations
  • You can now view data about valid items and pages under coverage reports on Google Search Console.
  • Puts focus on “Critical Issues”

Index Coverage Validation is Temporarily Disabled

While Google Search Console migrates properties to the new coverage reports, you can not make new indexing validation requests. Existing requests may lag.

What’s Next?

You can follow Google Search Central on Twitter for the latest updates on Google Search Console. In the meantime, we can expect changes to be made in GSC over the next few weeks.

Have questions?

You can directly tweet Google Search Central for questions regarding updates on Google Search Console migrating properties to updated indexing and coverage reports.

All in all, while these changes are small, they will speed up the diagnostic process for resolving coverage issues.

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