How to Set Up a Google Business Profile in 4 Easy Steps

Google My Business (GMB), now known as Google Business Profile (GBP), is an excellent way to achieve free advertising and improve your local presence and ranking. So, how do you set it up? Here are 4 easy steps.

Create a Google Business Profile in 4 Steps

  1. Claim your business profile on Google
  2. Add basic information (N.A.P.)
  3. Verify your GBP
  4. Add logo and photos

1. Claim your business profile on Google

There are two different scenarios that can occur during this first step. First, you might notice that your business is already on Google or that you need to create its profile. Don’t fret if you see your business already shows up; you can easily claim ownership to begin your GMB journey.

☑️ Find your company name on Google’s Business Profile Manager to start.

My business already has a GBP, but I never created one.

An existing unclaimed GBP occurs when customers visit your storefront or use your services and opt to leave a review. If you haven’t set up your business, a customer can enter information to the best of their knowledge to write a review. The other reason is that your company may already be managed by someone else, so you must regain ownership.

A popup will appear beneath the search bar with the name and the associated address (if applicable) by typing in your business name. Click on that to work towards claiming it.

I need to add my business name to Google.

The other possibility is that your business is not listed by Google or Google Maps yet. So, if you search your business name and nothing pops up, it does not “exist” yet. In this case, you can click “Add your business to Google” when you first click on the Google Business Profile (GBP) Manager. Then, simply go through the steps of creating a profile.

You’ll be asked to select a business category among a list of prewritten options. You will select a primary business category that best summarizes your services, with the option to add secondary business categories for your other offerings.

2. Add basic information (N.A.P.)

Setting up your GBP profile will lead you through a series of steps and questions regarding your business. Questions will include address, phone number, website, hours, and how/where you serve your customers. Remember that you can always go back in and edit this information later.

☑️ N.A.P. is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone Number. This is the standard information businesses will need to know to start their profile.

☑️Don’t worry! If your business doesn’t have a storefront that serves customers. In that case, Google gives you the option to enter a list of service area locations, which will show up on Google Maps when people search for businesses like yours in those areas. You can always update this later.

☑️ Google offers an easy-to-navigate Help Page for adding and changing the information on your GMB to answer any further questions you may have.

3. Verify your Google Business Profile Listing

To verify your pending Google Business Profile, visit

The last step before creating your profile is to verify you are the owner or manager of the business. Google allows you to verify ownership in three different ways, depending on your specific industry.

Verify by address

If you choose to verify your business via your business address, a postcard will be sent to the address within four business days with a security code. You can then go back to your GBP Manager to finish the verification process.

Verify by phone/text

Google may allow you to verify your ownership by phone call or text. This is an option when your business has already been claimed, and the business phone number is present. The Google algorithm can see your business information listed on another site such as Yelp and can verify the phone number belongs to the business.

You will get an automated text or call with a code that you will enter to verify your company.

Verify by email

Make note that this option may not be available to you, similar to the phone/text option. Under circumstances where the business website domain has an associated email address (i.e.,, Google may allow you to enter your company email and verify that way.

☑️ If you’re having trouble verifying your business, Google has an FAQ & Help Page.

4. Add Logo & Photos

After you’ve entered your basic information and verified your business, you can add your logo and photos. We will discuss the importance of this and tips on doing so in upcoming articles, but for now, just know that customers are much more likely to click on your business if you have photos posted.

☑️ When starting out, Google recommends at least adding your logo, interior/exterior of your storefront (if applicable), and photos of your product or services. Of course, you can always go back later and swap out these photos for different ones if you choose. Just make sure the photos are actually of your business and services.

Congratulations! Your Google Business Profile is now created.

While there are numerous ways to optimize your Google Business local listing, the first step is making your company searchable. You may not see huge numbers of traffic or increased business exposure right away, but have peace of mind knowing that when someone searches your business or looks for your services in your service area, your GBP profile will now show up.

Did you know that the Google My Business app doesn’t exist anymore? Business owners can now manage their GBPs directly from Google Maps and Search.

Google has a website page dedicated to Google Business Profile guidelines.

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