If you operate a business website or Facebook page, chances are you’ve heard the term “SEO” before. For those who aren’t familiar, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of creating or editing web page content so that it comes up on the first page — preferably towards the top! — when you look up a product or service in a Google search.

Some business owners put all their focus into their website’s SEO. Some choose not to take the time at all. No one will contest, however, how important SEO is when it comes to making your business known. So what is this SEO puzzle and what makes it so important?

The Depths of the World Wide Web

The Internet is constantly expanding, making it quite a maze to navigate.

Google has millions of “spiders” or “bots” constantly scrolling through the massive interweb. These bots discover sites and pages, then archive the information in Google’s database. That information is then saved and implemented by an algorithm, which decides how to list the website or page in the results the next time it matches a Google search.

Think about the last time you did a Google search and looked at the results on the fourth, third, or even second page? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? SEO is important primarily because it takes all of the necessary elements of the equation and plugs them into your website or webpage in a way that will place you in one of the coveted spots on that first results page. Securing that first page spot is what’ll attract the largest crowd.

Solving the SEO Puzzle

Good SEO isn’t as simple as a few keywords and a catchy title. It’s a complex combination of carefully crafted content and well-chosen keywords. The nuances of SEO optimization may seem confusing or complicated to the average person, which is where we come in.

RiZen Metrics boasts a pretty stellar team of SEO savvy team members. When you hire us to maintain or rebuild your website, your content is then placed in the capable hands of a small, focused group of people who are here solely to make sure your website is in tip-top shape. That means being at the tip-top of the search results!

With the help of some know-how and a few plugins, we rewrite your content and keyword your
links. It’s a fine balance of the right kind of copy and a good snippet for the best Google results.

Patience is a Virtue

SEO does take a while to kick in. Between the time it takes for Google to recrawl your site and create the necessary links, to the actual conversion of customers, it can be as long as 6 months to see full results. In the meantime, we suggest you look into search engine marketing.

While still utilizing the search results page, SEM works by creating a specific audience for you, and creating a funnel in which your ads and links are put in front of them. The more we narrow down your niche audience, the more effective the SEM becomes. This way, you connect with the people who are most likely to do business with you.

Contact Us Today!

With a few sharp images and some airtight SEO work, your website should not only look great, but give you results. If you’ve been thinking about updating your site, contact us today to set up a consultation. We’d love to bring your site up to speed, and your name to the top. The top of a Google search, that is.

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