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PPC & Paid Media Management

PPC Management Services | The Best PPC Agency in PA | RiZen Metrics

PPC & Paid Media Management

PPC Management Services | The Best PPC Agency in PA | RiZen Metrics

PPC & Paid Media Management

PPC Management Services | The Best PPC Agency in PA | RiZen Metrics

Maximize your lead generation with experts in paid advertising

Nearly 90% of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of Google results. You want potential customers to find your website and lock in a sale without the hassle of scouring the internet to find what they’re looking for. So, what’s the answer?

Think of a generic Google search: something vague. Like “cooking supplies,” “new car tires,” or “baby clothes.” You’ll immediately see advertisements accompanying your search results at the top and bottom of the page.

That’s Paid Media Advertising

You deserve a PPC company willing to trim the fat and save you money

You deserve a PPC company willing to trim the fat and save you money

When investing in pay-per-click advertising, you aim to show up for your relevant keywords and dominate the top of the search engine results page (SERP). With a PPC agency, we can help collaborate with you to trim the fat off of your campaign to guarantee the only outcome is increased leads and traffic- no irrelevant search queries or wasted budget. 


How PPC Ads work

How PPC Ads Work

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC, is a form of paid media that works so you only pay when a user clicks on the advertisement, which often leads to a landing page on your website targeted to a specific service. 

Businesses or agencies bid on industry-specific, product-specific, or branded keywords so that when someone searches for an exact or similar-match search query, your add presents itself. This can be in the form of a shopping ad or a PPC ad for a website. Keywords and keyphrases can be branded or non-branded, such as “Nike” vs. “Women’s running shoes.”

Based on search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and what areas of your company you’re looking to advertise, the strategy is ever-evolving. See the images below for an example of what PPC ads look like on the SERP.

What’s Paid Media?

What’s Paid Media?

Paid media is an internet marketing strategy where businesses pay for ad placement online. In the age of technology, methods like PPC and display advertising are crucial for maintaining and growing your company’s online presence, revenue growth, and brand. 

How do PPC Youtube Ads work?

How Do PPC YouTube Ads work?

Through Google, you can create a Youtube advertising campaign for your business. Videos are a highly effective way of targeting your audience. Statistics even show that users are more likely to click on a video ad than a text-ad, and are more likely to purchase your product if the video is informative and solves their problem. 

There are three steps to creating a basic Youtube Advertising campaign:

  1. Create your video ad
  2. Select your demographic audience
  3. Set ad budget

A digital marketing agency that does PPC management can help you leverage your campaign by managing insights, doing keyword research, making recommendations, and working with you to grow. 

Youtube, unlike social media such as Facebook or Twitter, is considered a search engine as opposed to a social network. This means that your customers are likely searching Youtube to find answers to questions that you might have answers to. 

RiZen Metrics, Your Best PPC Agency in Scranton, PA

Rizen Metrics, Your best ppc agency in scranton, pa

PPC, as well as all paid media, is dynamic, meaning there is a constantly changing environment. RiZen Metrics is a qualified internet marketing agency that can help you manage things like account structure, keywords, ad performance, targeting, conversion tracking, cost-per-click, competitor performance, and more.

When your business needs and industry goals change, we work in harmony. Our consistent analysis and keen attention to detail means that you can stay on top of industry trends all while we work to meet your business goals to drive consistent, quality leads and increased revenue.



We keep you consistently in the loop with updated reports and insights on the performance of your digital advertising campaigns. With you in mind, you’re at the forefront of collaborating with us to determine the best strategies for reaching your goals.

Building a great paid search strategy

Building a Great Paid Search Strategy

Our three-pronged approach brings you the customers and sales that your company needs to reach its goals.


Your customers will save time digging through search results if your product is presented to them immediately after they click the “search” key. If someone is looking to buy and your ad shows up immediately, then they are one click away from being your next customer. We will form a strategy that’s best for you through research and analysis.

Research & Analysis

Research is (the) key (word). Keyword analysis and research get your product or service ranked higher than others on search engine results. After analyzing search engine keyword trends, we can put your product in front of the right people.


After we’ve developed a strategy with your company’s goals at the forefront, it’s time to execute the plan. RiZen Metrics works to manage your paid media advertising in an ever-evolving internet landscape with ease, driving website traffic, leads, and sales.

12 Reasons Why PPC is Important

12 Reasons Why PPC is Important

  1. PPC and paid media produce rapid results compared to organic methods 
  2. It’s a quick process to get started
  3. It’s cost-effective
  4. Easy way to see if your new product or service sells
  5. Contributes directly to business goals 
  6. It’s measurable and easy to track conversions
  7. You’re in control
  8. Can be customized based on location
  9. Works well with other digital marketing services
  10. There’s wealth in the data you gather from PPC results
  11. You can remarket/retarget ads to those that have clicked on your advertisements before
  12. Outbid your competitors to gain brand recognition
7 Ways a Paid Media and PPC Management Company Helps You Grow Your Business

7 Ways a Paid Media and PPC Management Company Helps You Grow Your Business

  1. Up-to-date on new strategies and the constantly changing environment
  2. Utilize the PPC expert’s knowledge to answer questions 
  3. Problem-solve your pain points with industry-leading expertise
  4. Grow your advertising campaign exponentially
  5. Work with a team of SEO writers to create effective ad copy
  6. Formulate a strategy in collaboration with your management team to find what works best for your company’s needs
  7. Money-saving: We help trim the fat off of your campaign to ensure your PPC budget is allotted to the goals that matter most.
Paid Advertising And PPC statistics

Paid Advertising and PPC Statistics

  • Paid advertisements have an average ROI of 200% to 800%.

  • PPC generates twice the number of visitors compared to SEO.

  • 65% of people click on ads if making a purchase.

  • Google Shopping Ads generate 85.3% of clicks for product-based searches.

  • The average CPC for Google Ads is $1-2.

  • Nearly 50% of internet users can’t tell the difference between Google Ads & organic search results.

  • Customers can be up to 70% more inclined to purchase your product when retargeted.



How do I “target” my PPC ads?2022-12-02T09:06:45+00:00

Google Ads allows advertisers to target their ad audience with options in location, demographics, age, gender, interests, and people who have visited your site before. 

Do people really click on ads?2022-12-02T09:06:23+00:00

People click on paid media ads when the result is relevant to their search query. Imagine someone is looking for an “eye doctor near me”, and your optometrist’s office is the first ad on the results page. If they believe it will help them, they’ll click. 

How do PPC and SEO work together?2022-12-02T09:05:55+00:00

PPC aims to quickly drive traffic to your website through targeting and bidding on keywords in paid advertisements on the SERP above the organic search results that SEO would work towards. On the other hand, SEO works by satisfying the search engines and pleasing internet users using keywords to generate organic traffic. SEO and PPC work together to increase search results page coverage, keyword optimization, and raise brand awareness. An SEO specialist may even assist in writing PPC ads to optimize for keyword research. 

What’s an example of PPC?2022-12-02T09:05:32+00:00

Imagine that you own a financial planning firm that is looking to gain more clients for your Life Insurance service. A Paid Media management company would determine the target audience for that service and figure out what those users are looking for on the internet: how they word it, what they search for, etc. By bidding on these keywords, your ad will show up at the top of the search results for those designated keywords. 

What are the types of PPC?2022-12-02T09:05:10+00:00
What does CPC mean?2022-12-02T08:59:28+00:00

CPC stands for “cost-per-click” and is wavering bid cost for each ad. Every time a user clicks on your ad, should you win the bid, you would pay the CPC. Based on your budget, a maximum CPC will be determined.

What does PPC mean?2022-12-02T08:58:53+00:00

PPC stands for “pay-per-click” and is a form of digital advertising where businesses only pay for the ad when a user clicks on it.

By gathering data based on what your customers are looking for, we can create tailored campaigns that drive results

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