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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

User Experience (UX) | Responsive Web Design | SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

User Experience (UX) | Responsive Web Design | SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

User Experience (UX) | Responsive Web Design | SEO Optimization

Reach untapped customers & demonstrate your niche expertise

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the art of combining branding, content writing, IT, and promotion to increase your website’s visibility on the search engines. With nearly 90,000 search queries per second, around one million searches have occurred since you started reading this. 

Each search can lead to thousands or even millions of landing pages. Your goal? To ensure that when potential customers Google your services or products near them, your website pops up. 

Around 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing!. This is why SEO services are critical to your ROI and digital marketing success. 

SEO Case Studies

SEO Case Studies

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Simply put, search engines use a combination of different algorithms to rank websites and businesses to provide the most relevant and helpful information to the user. Google, which dominates the search engines with 91.56% of the market share, does not give us exact details on how to optimize websites to increase ranking and visibility. However, they do give us clues. That’s why working with an expert search engine optimization agency is critical to success and return on investment (ROI). 

Unfortunately, simply building a content-filled website will not guarantee customers—though it certainly does help. Your website will idle alongside other similar pages, but the optimized websites will work their way to the top. This is important considering that 95% of search traffic goes to the first results page on the search engine results page (SERP). 

Avoid this stagnation. SEO directs traffic to you rather than to your competition.

Here’s how RiZen Metrics drives traffic & leads to your website

Here’s how RiZen Metrics drives traffic & leads to your website

On-Page SEO

“On-page” techniques include SEO-optimized content writing that is high-quality and targets the keywords that you need. With topically relevant and industry-specific keywords, we work with you to collaborate on a strategy that bridges the gap between customers’ problems and the solutions you offer.

Off-Page SEO

“Off-page” techniques encompass backlink strategies and guest blogging on other sites to acquire a backlink. A backlink is a clickable hyperlink on another website, such as a directory (i.e., Yelp) or a relevant blog that leads users back to your site. This builds your brand awareness and is one of the most fundamental ways to please search engines. Unlike some other backlink-building agencies, we work to create a white-hat backlink strategy that generates genuine and trustworthy links to your website.

Technical SEO

Google uses “spiders” to crawl and index your website. They look out for user accessibility and site health to determine how reliable, trustworthy, and relevant your brand is. Our trained technical SEO specialists optimize the back-end of your website to guarantee that both users and search engines are satisfied with their experience. Internal link building helps connect and map your website to tell Google that your website is valuable and informational. The better the user experience (UX), the higher the traffic volume.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the online equivalent of asking for a friend’s advice on where to shop. Nearly half of all Google searches are local, meaning users specifically search for businesses or brands near them. We can ensure that your business is high ranking when someone searches for your service or product near them. For brick-and-mortar companies, website traffic from far-away places may not benefit you. Local SEO targets your location to make sure your leads are just a quick drive away.

Do you need SEO?

Do you need SEO?

You will benefit from search engine optimization if your company is asking the some of the following questions:

  • You just started your business and are looking to increase website traffic or business visibility.

  • You noticed a recent decline in traffic, website interactions, or sales.

  • You’re looking for additional options other than short-term paid advertising.

  • You’d like to build your brand.

  • You want to boost credibility and authority.

  • You’re looking for a marketing solution that focuses on your customer’s satisfaction.

  • You’d like a measurable strategy to grow your website organically.

  • You’re looking to stay ahead of the competition.

  • You want to use your website to increase sales. 

  • You’re looking for a multi-faceted approach to internet marketing

  • You’re looking for a long-term solution to increasing revenue. 

  • You want to use your website for lead generation.

How does SEO work?

Our experienced team of experts works with you to develop a strategy to satisfy the search engines. First, we focus on what problems you solve for your customers. After all, Google focuses on the users, not your business. Among other search engines, Google aims to connect consumers and users with relevant answers and solutions to their questions and problems. If the spiders crawl your website and determine that it solves a problem that people are searching for, your business will climb the ranks.

We then analyze your customer base to determine how they would search for information and what they would ask: what type of questions they ask, what words they use, etc. We then compare these keywords to that of your competitors, so you can organically outrank them. A good SEO agency seeks to understand your target audience to meet their needs.

This allows us to formulate a list of keywords and keyphrases that we can incorporate into our optimization techniques. Through this, your website will grow by cementing itself at the top of the SERP. As a result, you will increase your traffic by hundreds, even thousands of views for pennies on the dollar. 

We drive more leads to your website by using competitor research, SEO content writing, keyword research, backlinking, technical SEO, and implementing a strategy specific to your business. Over time, if search engines determine your website shows value, trustworthiness, is relevant and you have something to offer, your domain authority (DA) will increase, amplifying the success of SEO efforts. 

SEO Statistics

  • 90% of all internet experiences begin with a search query on a search engine

  • Google owns 91.56% of the market share for search engines. 

  • 90% of existing landing pages receive zero organic traffic.

  • 60% of pages do not have a backlink.

  • 70% of digital marketers say that SEO is better for generating sales than pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

  • 68% of all clicks go to the first five positions in search results.

  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (i.e., direct mail advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

  • Around 33% of online consumers search for a business via a search engine at least once a day

  • 76% of consumers who search for a business near them visit the storefront within 24 hours

  • 28% of those searches resulted in a purchase 

It’s more than just ranking #1

It’s more than just ranking #1

While proper search engine optimization efforts will boost your ranking on search engines like Google, ranking on the first page for your targeted keyword or keyphrase is just one aspect of SEO. 

SEO appeases not only the engines but also the consumers. By optimizing your website with the proper keywords and fixing the technical issues that might be hurting your visibility or authority, potential customers can better find your business and get connected with the services they’re looking for. 

Additionally, SEO is a long-term process with large rewards when done by a qualified team. It may take a few weeks to months to see measurable results, but the outcome will be exponential. 

Why choose RiZen Metrics as your SEO agency?

  • Client-focused with collaboration at the forefront of any strategy

  • Up-to-date on best practices for SEO

  • We produce measurable results

  • High-quality content from skilled writers

  • Trusted by big businesses

  • Full-service, omnichannel digital marketing capabilities

As a full-service digital marketing agency, RiZen Metrics offers industry-leading SEO services that will increase your traffic, build brand awareness, generate leads, and put you at the forefront of competitors on the SERP. With our main office near Scranton, PA, and hubs in Philadelphia (Fishtown) and New York City (SoHo), we’re your #1 choice for an SEO company in PA and surrounding areas. Are you interested in starting your business’s SEO journey or learning more about search engine optimization? 



Can SEO be done without a website?2022-11-28T07:07:50+00:00

Although one of the primary goals of SEO is to boost visibility for a website or landing page, it is possible to do SEO without a website. Techniques for SEO without a website would include optimizing social media pages, your Google Business Profile, listings, guest blogging using SEO writing on other websites and using backlinks for brand awareness and to drive traffic to other pages. If you currently do not have a website but are interested in getting one, RiZen Metrics offers website design and development in alignment with optimizing your new site for SEO. 

Why is SEO important in digital marketing?2022-11-28T07:07:25+00:00

Given that 90% of all internet users start with a search engine, it is an understatement to say that SEO is an important part of digital marketing. While SEO is not all-encompassing to internet advertising and marketing efforts, it plays one of the most essential roles. It works alongside and in conjunction with nearly every marketing method. RiZen Metrics has a blog on how different types of digital marketing all work together- check it out!

Will SEO exist in the future?2022-11-28T07:07:04+00:00

While SEO continues to evolve, yes, SEO will still exist in the next 5 years moving onward. With the emergence of social media marketing, it is believed that social media and search engines will continue to work together to help consumers find relevant brands. Ineffective SEO techniques will continue to be weeded out, and effective techniques will strengthen, along with discoveries in search engine optimization as we learn more about how search engines work.

How do SEO and PPC work together?2022-11-28T07:06:43+00:00

SEO aims to increase the quality of your website by appealing to search engines. On the other hand, PPC aims to quickly drive traffic to your website through targeting and bidding on keywords in paid advertisements on the SERP above the organic search results that SEO would work towards. SEO and PPC work together to increase SERP coverage, keyword optimization and raise brand awareness. SEO-optimized writing also plays a small role in creating PPC ads.

How long does SEO take to show ROI?2022-11-28T07:06:10+00:00

On average, search engine optimization efforts can take a few weeks to a few months to begin showing results. Generally speaking, you can expect your SEO efforts to take 3-6 months to gain traction. SEO is a long-term investment with exponential growth.

Are you interested in increasing the number of potential customers that find your site organically? Experience longlasting results that grow over time with SEO.

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