After ample debate with coworkers, I finally decided to take the discussion to LinkedIn and ask SEM/Semrush directly, which is it? SEMrush or Semrush? In other words, do you pronounce it…

S • E • M • rush


Sem • rush

I’d also like to just note that throughout writing this article I began to second guess if I was even spelling Semrush right to begin with. Do you ever do that? Like, you question if you’re spelling “at” right because it just “looks weird”?

  • Brooke

Taking the conversation to LinkedIn

Oh, and they were quick to respond…

But, of course, the conversation couldn’t stop there.

Mateah from Semrush quickly clarified that Semrush is pronounced “Sem-rush” and not SEMrush. Although, they used to run ads for both brand versions on Google. But back to what’s important: pineapple on pizza? is a hotdog a sandwich? is ice cream better than cake? Mateah offers Semrush-certified insight into all of these extremely important (I’m kidding) questions.

Where did this debate come from?

Aside from the internal RiZen Metrics debate, people have long wondered how to pronounce Semrush since Semrush itself uses both spellings. For example, take the current title tag on Semrush’s website (as of August 30, 2022).

How do you pronounce Semrush? SEMrush or Semrush? Which is it?!

The Winner: Semrush

What SEO debate should we settle next?

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