Do you have a responsive website design?

The year is 2020, and technology is the crux of business and marketing. While having a website at all is important, the more impressive your site is, the more likely it’ll draw in customers and keep them coming back.

What is a Responsive Website?

Essentially, a responsive website is a site that adapts to different platforms it might be viewed on. The most common instance of this situation is using a smartphone to access a site. One thing’s for certain: having an unusable mobile site can easily turn customers into competitors who have that capability. Why is this the case? The convenience factor.

It’s also important to consider the way people are interacting with the Internet in general. In a survey conducted by Statcounter, nearly 53% of today’s Internet users are accessing it via a mobile device, meaning that a responsive design can save you and your customers a lot of unnecessary inconveniences.

Why Should You Have a Responsive Website?

A responsive website gives your users multiple ways to find what they’re looking for. Not everyone accesses the Internet in the same way, so it’s important that your site caters to their device of choice. As smartphone and tablet use rapidly increases, so does the importance of a mobile-friendly website.

And when it comes to getting your site found, the largest percentage of people will use Google.

Google recommends responsive sites as a standard industry practice that will greatly impact your SEO. Unlike mobile versions of your site, which will have two different URLS, a responsive website shares a singular URL. As a result, it’s easier for Google to crawl and index your website. Since Google places user-experience as a ranking factor, it is essential to have a responsive website.

A responsive website leads to a positive user experience, which not only satisfies Google’s ranking algorithms but can also lead to conversions. Having a mobile version and a desktop version of a site requires more work in terms of SEO. With a responsive website, everything is in one place!

Your Next Steps

With the rapid advancements in technology, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with the constantly-updating mediums of digital marketing. That’s where we come in.

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